emily | winter

January 19, 2015

One thing I love about my job is being able to create literally anything I want in my head and then try to to make a visual of it for you all to see.  It’s fun to be able to think of a concept in your head for a shoot and then say to yourself, “Yeah…let’s do that next.”

For this shoot I really wanted to use a model that I have never photographed before AND that has never done a photo shoot before.  I knew Emily fit the description of this perfectly and it also helped that she fit into this dress like it was made specifically for her.

I know that December is not a popular month to get bridals done so I took advantage of that by doing a winter themed bridal session.  I had this vintage dress in my closet from a previous shoot and then I contacted my favorite florist, Tanarah Luxe Floral, and asked her to make me a winter themed flower crown and of course she was all for it because Tanarah’s team is awesome and always up for anything.

I took Emily to one of my favorite locations that I’ve used countless times.  However, instead of using the typical spots that I photograph people at here, I decided to try something new and utilize areas that I haven’t used before.  I’m so glad I did this because it helped me learn new tricks with this spot that I’m excited to use in the future.

On this day the location was very dark and the sun was not out at all.  Towards the beginning it was proving to be a bit difficult to get the right type of lighting that I wanted and I was starting to get a little nervous because I knew that Emily was freezing (thank goodness she is such a patient person though)!  I ended up getting it how I wanted though but this entire photo shoot was just a bunch of learning and I am so happy we did it.

Dress | Vintage Violet Boutique
Flower Crown | Tanarah Luxe Floral
Model | Emily Christ