Jessica | Terlingua, TX

June 9, 2021
When I met Jessica about ten years ago, my thoughts on her were already tattooed across her knuckles: LONE WOLF.
However, I couldn’t help but to automatically notice how I felt when she’s around, and I know for a fact I’m not the only one. She has this type of energy that’s really captivating; it’s wild and powerful, but overall delicate. I guess the best way to describe this, which I’ve thought about this often, would be similar to how you’d feel about unexpectedly seeing a wild horse on a countryside in Spain. It’s just my best source of imagery when I think about her at the start of it all.
As our friendship continued to grow and flourish, I would always wonder who would ever be lucky enough to make this this lone wolf/wild stallion want to stay. I would have those internal questions of: “Who is even remotely deserving?” and then even more realistically: “Even if they’re deserving, who could even take on such a challenge?” This is a wild horse, lone wolf we’re talking about. Who can make someone like that want to settle down?
And then, enter Samuel
I feel so lucky to have the years of witnessing Samuel and Jessica morph together. To know them is one thing, but to be around them and get to see them together is something totally different. Knowing that Sam is the root of it all, it’s been so beautiful to see Jessica not only transform from one form of herself into the next, but manage to do so all the while keeping her same fundamental essence.
Upon all this transformation, seeing Jessica take on this new role as a mother has left me kind of speechless. I know that Atlas Crow will be in such good hands and he will 100% be the super weird/cool kid that we all need more of in this world.