meredith | urban ballerina

January 14, 2015

My first creative shoot of 2015 consisted of a beautiful ballerina, Meredith, and a really talented makeup artist/stylist, Jessica.  Meredith and I have worked together on a ballerina shoot before (it was a couple of years ago though and about 6 hours long) but I wanted this one to be just a litttttle bit different. I really get inspired by ballerinas (especially when I see ballerinas in photos around New York City— @theballerinaproject on Instagram) and so I wanted to do that, but of course have my own feel to it.  I told Jessica about my thoughts on this shoot and she had no problem scouting out locations, figuring out outfits, doing the perfect makeup on her, etc. (she’s super woman and I’m so happy she’s involved with my work).
The first part of this shoot has more of the “old-timey black and white/New York/urban/film” kind of vibe that I love so much and the second part is where I decided to try something new.  I’ve always been told that my work has a lot of color to it and I take that as a good thing (I love color so, so much) and since I use it a lot, I wanted to REALLY bump it up a few notches for the graffiti. I mean, how could you not? It’s so awesome.

Which part of the shoot is your favorite? Black and white? Or color?

make up artist + styling | jessica humerick
ballerina | meredith short