new york | film

January 29, 2015

Once or twice a year I travel to New York to photograph New York Fashion Week for O’Faolain Leather (Bryant Phelan) and Korto Momolu!

When I travel to newer places, I don’t usually like to take digital photos and I have more fun when I use my film or Polaroid camera.
Even though I have been to New York twice before this trip, this time to go was definitely my favorite.  Ryan took me to all sorts of places, shows, and we got to experiment with a lot of different vegan restaurants.

We are going back in September to photograph New York Fashion Week AND a wedding and I am SO excited.  If any of you know of some vintage film/camera shops we can go to while we are there, comment below! We searched for awhile during our last trip there and could not find any!

Even though I took about 2 rolls of film, the images below are all I have to show for our trip. The lab that I used accidentally destroyed the photos I had of our entire day at Central Park (ugh).  So, here are some of my favorite film shots from last September.

To see the full album from the fashion shows, click here!