January 12, 2015


With this new blog I am going to attempt to do something that’s pretty beyond my comfort zone, and that’s welcoming you all more into the personal aspects of my life that are not 100% focused on photography. For example, if any of you follow me on any form of social media you probably all know that I love cats (ESPECIALLY my cats- Penny and Patty). Who, to me, are not just normal cats. I mean, Patty’s face looks like I smashed it into a wall and so whenever I look at her I always start laughing…that’s pretty great to me.

Here’s 10 other super random facts that not a lot of people know about me:
1) I have had braces for a little over a month now (I was actually was going to avoid letting any of you know this for the next 2 years).
2) I like watching Anime and my favorite is Sailor Moon.
3) I am OBSESSED with Beyonce (okay, you all pretty much knew that though).
4) I am a vegan (99% of the time… I mean, it’s hard to pass up those desserts 24/7 and I’m only human).
5) I’m 23.
6) I kind of freak out when things aren’t organized.
7) I use wayyyy too many smilie faces and exclamation marks when I text people.
8) I really like puzzles.
9) I play video games, but like not just any video games. I’m a nerd everyone. I play World of Warcraft.
10) When I wake up the first thing I do is sing to my cats and tell them good morning.

One thing I do not typically post that much about is my family.  There’s not a reason behind that, I just tend to use Instagram for posting my personal work and hobbies.  But also, my work tends to get in the way of important events such as football games, dances, and other 1st time events that my siblings experience. It really bothers me that I have to miss those things but luckily I am able to make it to the really important events and my family is awesome because they know I have a dream I am chasing.  I have 4 siblings, 2 amazing parents, and over 30 cousins, and nieces that are all younger than me (let’s just say that the holidays are pretty nuts) and hopefully I’ll be using my blog to introduce them more throughout the year.
Another important part of my life is Ryan (here’s where I’m trying something new and going from private to open).
Before Ryan, I didn’t really have anything that inspired me or my work.  I found that I really had to inspire myself to create things that were out of the ordinary.  Sure, I had favorite photographers and all of that, but I never looked at their work with a mindset to get better at what I was doing.

I’ve heard a lot of photographers say this same thing, “I don’t like to look at other photographers work because it gets me down or depressed about my own work.”  I have never, ever understood that. I’ve NEVER looked at my favorite photographers work and thought my own was crappy compared to that, even when I first started out and my photos really were crappy.  When I first was starting out, I would do a photo shoot and regardless if the photos really were bad (hey, everyone is a beginner at some point right?!) someone liked it and it made SOMEONE happy and that was good enough to me. I mean, that’s why you’re a photographer right? To make others and yourself happy.  Yes, it is a job and it can be a great career but I don’t look at photography for that. I look at photography to make others happy with what I do whether it be involving new hair and makeup artists that want more experience, or a model that really wants to start a career in front of the camera, families that want memories to keep, or a couple that just wants good photos of themselves. That’s always been my overall goal.

I’ve never dated anyone that has really inspired me artistically, but when I met Ryan I noticed a change in my work.  First I started experimenting more with black and white images and then it grew into film photography.  I remember a conversation we had in my car where he told me, “Stephanie you can’t be so close minded about your work.  You can’t just stop trying to get better.”  And even though I was so stubborn about it, I listened.  So now when I look at my favorite photographers, I look at their work and want to grow in my own in ways. Ryan is one of the most creative people I know (and so musically gifted) and he inspired me to try new forms of photography that I was never comfortable with.  He opened my stubborn mind to the idea of experimenting, making my work grow, and taking on new projects that actually excite me.  It’s easy to say that just in the 9 months I have known him that my work has grown faster than it has in the 5 years that I’ve been doing photography.

Well, now you know just a litttttle bit more about me. I hope I can continue to post more about my thoughts on photography as well as letting you guys more into my life. This year is going to be amazing and full of traveling and I’m so glad I have a new way to share what I experience with all of you.

Here are some polaroids that I love. I plan on taking my polaroid camera with me everywhere and hopefully incorporating it into my blog every week.