For creative shoots I love to use models or people that are really carefree in front of the camera.  To me, the best types of images I can capture are the ones where I am not telling you what to do and you’re just doing your own thing.
Taylor is an aspiring model and found my work through Instagram.  She emailed me her modeling portfolio hoping to set up a shoot with me while she was in town and to also gain some experience/tips.
Before we started shooting I had her meet me in Fayetteville at a vintage shop called, Grey Dog Boutique.  This first outfit you see below is pretty much all Grey Dog (if you haven’t been in there or ordered from there store, you really need to. I am obsessed with them) and it was the perfect look I was going for.

Taylor was such a natural in front of the camera and so patient (I shot with film and Polaroids too on a sunset time crunch! But I’ll post those later).  She has such a bright future when it comes to modeling and I cannot wait to see what she does.  If anyone can get in a lake in the middle of January, not complain about it, and still look good in the photos.. that’s a model I want to work with all the time.

1st look | Grey Dog Boutique
2nd look | Vintage Fur Coat
3rd look | FreePeople Dress


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