“Day After” Wedding Sessions

February 3, 2015

This coming up 2015 year will be my busiest year yet, especially when it comes to wedding season.  Since wedding spots are limited, I decided to offer a new service to my wedding photography packages.
I want to now offer “Day After” sessions to ANY couples and to all of my future brides and grooms that would be interested.

What is a “Day After” session?

A “Day After” session is an additional portrait session with a bride & groom in their wedding attire after the wedding.
–This session does not have to be the day after your wedding! It can take place days, weeks, or months afterwards.
Many brides and grooms tend to pick this service as a chance to get photographed once the stress of wedding planning is entirely out of the way.
Think about it: Wouldn’t you have more fun taking your wedding photos if you didn’t have to worry about rushing off to your reception?

So if you’re planning your wedding and you see that photos with your groom may have to be cut short due to light or timeline issues, then consider having a “Day After” session done.
–You’ll get a bigger variety of locations than possible on a wedding day with less stress, you’ll get more unique photos, and plus, you get to wear your dress again — score!

Reasons for choosing to have a “Day After” session:

  • You and your significant other may have not had a big wedding and instead it was just a gathering of friends and family without the need of a professional photographer .
  • You may choose a Day After session if you are stressed about the timeline of your wedding and you want to make sure to get the best photos with your significant other.
  • One thing I try to avoid is rushed post ceremony portrait sessions. The photos you take with your fiance are so, SO important and should never be rushed.  They should be private, intimate, fun, and stress free!
  • This is also a popular option for those of you that are having a destination wedding and want to have photos back home in your wedding attire.


Day after wedding photos are something I would absolutely love to do. Photographing the bride and groom is my favorite part about the entire day! Even if you’re doing a first look at your wedding, day after wedding photos allow you and me to kick-back, do some super relaxed photos and just see where we end up!