90’s baby

January 26, 2017


A couple of months before this shoot I remember being in Time Square in New York looking up at all of the fashion films that were being displayed on the screens. As I was staring at them in awe, I thought to myself, “I really want to start doing fashion film. I have no idea how. But it feels exciting.”
Then later that night I had a psychic tell me, “You’re in a creative field for a job, aren’t you?” I replied back with, “Yes. I’m a photographer.” She said to me, “Mmm. Yes. But I see you doing something else, too. I see you doing film.” SO HEY. THAT’S COOL. AND WEIRD.

I knew that for film you have to have everything pretty much perfect. I needed the story, model, clothing, makeup, hair, everything to stand out because if this was going to be my first time trying to do this, I wanted everything to be exactly how I imagined it.
I had been wanting to do a 90’s shoot for awhile because I was just really feeling that style at this point in time (we shot this back in May, by the way) but I needed the perfect clothing that wasn’t your normal 90’s vibe that I had been seeing other photographers do and I needed the perfect model that would be able to give me the attitude I needed. OmWeekend was the BEST for the clothing. They have such a “F you” attitude that I needed and their aesthetic is portrayed perfectly in their clothing. And then there’s Claire, who did exactly what I needed her to do (of course..she’s amazing). She gave me the most unconventional poses that make you stop, look, and not forget. Also, the attitude that she shows in these photos and video is ridiculous. She made this shoot.
Jessica’s styling and makeup was so on point it’s insane. You guys, blue lips with orange hair?! Freaking 90’s vibessssssssssssssssss. Yes, Jessica. You always kill it.
Levi’s skills on the hair too… omg. Seriously?! Those little buns for the first look. He popped that look out before everyone started wearing it like that this year. He’s always ahead of the curve. Everyone is. That’s why I love my team so much.
Overall, this shoot took 10 hours with all the filming, photos, styling, location changes, etc. It was such a creative release for all of us and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

I hope you all like my first ever fashion film. It’s so uncomfortable for me to release something like this because this was my first one ever and I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing haha. BUT, I can’t wait to keep pursuing it!


Model | Claire Hodgson
Styling + Makeup | Jessica Humerick
Hair | Levi Waters
Clothing | OmWeekend
Photography + Video | Stephanie Parsley (with the help of Amman Abbasi on the editing heck yes)!