Behind the Scenes | Los Angeles

November 8, 2016


Every time I travel to Los Angeles and New York I work my butt off. I try to do 1-3 shoots a day and make my time out there really worth it. When I shoot with models, I try to push myself (and them) to the extreme..especially when I work with Lacey Rogers. It’s not out of the norm to go off road to find a location in the middle of the desert, have them in freezing water, make a model stand in 118 degree temperature in a very heavy dress, or work 10 hour days. None of the creative shoots I do are easy. Why would they be? What kind of creativity can you think of in the “safe zone” that would be something I want to be involved with?
We live in a world where everyone’s photos are starting to look the same and creative shoots are becoming repetitive and all I want to do is avoid that. I have to. As artists, we have to continue to be weird. We have to continue to use our minds and what we have to create things out of the norm. I’m not here to do shoots for “likes” or to get more followers. I could not care less about that at this point. I travel out of the state to connect with models individually JUST to create new ideas and new work. I have to free my mind and do creative things or else I’ll go crazy.
When I went to California I recorded each shoot I did and had Blake Eiermann record behind the scenes for me. I wanted to give you guys a better look at what it’s like shooting with me and another way to connect with you all! Of course, this in no way shows how hard the shoots are and how much work goes into them (I’ll be bringing someone out to LA with me next time to record all of that) but it does give you an idea of how much I love what I do.

On a side note, this song is called Feels (Jai Wolf Remix) by Kiiara and I’ve listened to it a million times. I don’t know what it is about this song, but it’s a really good vibe to my state of mind these days… but I’ll get to that in a later (and more personal) blog post.

Let me know what you all think! I’ll be releasing all of these shoots over the next few months!