Caitlin & Heath

March 31, 2019

I asked them Caitlin and Heath to write their story and how they feel about each other now because they’ve been married for almost 11 years. Looking at these photos and even just photographing them, you’d think they were newlyweds. They are so goofy, loving, and all around good people.

“He liked two things about me the first time we met: my butt and how sweet I was to him when he came into the gym where I worked to play basketball with friends. He would later admit after a few dates that it took him way too long to hit send on the Facebook message he asked me out with. Fast forward nearly 13 years, a break-up, letters to and from boot camp, Iraq, Afghanistan, countless moves, and 2 kiddos later and I have never been more in love with who he is as a husband, dad, fellow photographer, and all-around good human. His cinnamon and sugar beard and pretty smile get me all heart eyed and he makes me laugh daily- with witty comments and his hilarious talent to tell any story in the most animated way. I connect with him on the deepest level and he lifts me up and supports me in all that I do. I am so happy we chose to document this time in our lives with a photo shoot of just us. We are obsessed with and love our kids crazy, but we started out with just us and I always want to remember that we are the roots our family has grown and blossomed from.”

“When I went into marine corps boot camp in 2007, my relationship with Caitlin was really just a friendship because we had dated and broken up. The only communication we had was the hand written letters that she wrote me pretty much every single day while I was there. To this day, we both agree it was in this letter writing stage that we fell in love because we got married a year later! Shortly after we got married I went to Iraq, I came home, she got pregnant with our first son, and a month after he was born I went to Afghanistan. I was terrified. I was leaving her alone in North Carolina with a baby and I honestly worried so much that I wouldn’t come home to them. That is still the hardest day of my life. Coming home from that environment was so hard, too. And I say all of that to say this – my feelings towards Caitlin HAVE changed in ten years. I didn’t know at all when I married her that she was as strong as she is. When I came home all of those times to her she was there to light up my life from the darkest times I’ve experienced. I literally wouldn’t have been able to hold myself together without her.

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