March 18, 2016

This shoot was one of the most challenging shoots to edit in post processing. Being a natural light photographer I like to keep things, well.. pretty natural and true to their original look. However, I do like all of my photos to run the same and not be all over the place as far as color goes. I also don’t like to cake on a bunch of editing to my photos either. This shoot was shot at night and we were at the Santa Monica Pier where there is literally tons of lights bouncing off of everything and into my camera and onto Lacey. It was crazy the amount of different hues I was getting and I felt like it was out of control, especially when I was editing it. However, I actually ended up really liking the finished product because it’s completely out of my comfort zone and this shoot was funky.. as the editing should be.

As always, Lacey is a dream to work with.

Model | Lacey Rogers
Makeup + Styling | Jessica Humerick
Clothing | Steamroller Blues


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