Chanel | California Dream Girl

September 18, 2017

Back in the day when I was a kid I heard the term “California Dream Girl” and I asked one of my relatives, “What does that mean?” And they told me, “You know.. Like a really pretty blonde girl that skates around Los Angeles and hangs out on the beach. Someone golden.” I laugh at that definition now because to me, any girl can be that “California Dream Girl” but Chanel definitely holds that definition to my childlike imagination. She’s 100% golden inside and out.

Chanel has one of the most interesting looks I’ve seen and it’s I always love what we do together. These images are definitely one of my favorites and we had a REALLY amazing celebrity hair and makeup team for this set! Definitely check out their work!

Model | Chanel Gray
Makeup | 14e Cosmetics
Hair | Matilde