Danae + Hobbs | Silverton, CO Elopement

October 23, 2020

Danae and Hobbs are a perfect example that timing truly is everything. When they met back in 2014 at Danae’s salon, they developed a friendship and went on a date but Danae was emotionally unavailable so it immediately just didn’t work out. Even though they didn’t talk for about a year after that, Hobbs reached out to Danae again in 2015 and asked to cook her dinner (and martini’s!!!)… and bam. They have been together ever since.
I truly gained new friends over this trip and I am so, so lucky Danae & Hobbs trusted me to come all the way to Silverton, CO. to document this important day for them. Their elopement is a true testament as to why I love wedding photography so much and why I think I’ll do it until I physically can’t anymore.