Elizabeth | Arkansas

September 12, 2021

To be honest, growing up and being in Arkansas even up to my mid-twenties was never easy and it can be so hard to find people that are on the same page as you. I would sometimes feel like I was on an island with how loud I was on social media about weed, political issues, psychedelic’s, mental health, etc…. until I came across Elizabeth. When we connected, my mind was blown. I was like, “Holy shit this girl is so supportive of me AND she’s loud af online about all the same things I’m loud about.” I felt like I had another photographer in my corner that “got it” and I’ve been so thankful for her ever since.
If you’re someone who gets to have Elizabeth in your life on a daily basis please know I look at you like you’re one of the luckiest people, ever. This girls is so freaking amazing and HOT AF.