Erin + Jacob

February 16, 2016

This styled engagement session was all created by the future bride, Erin! She wanted a styled wedding shoot as their engagement pictures because she saw pictures/inspiration on pinterest from a blog called, the Barefoot Blonde. On the blog she noticed the blog editor and her fiance do a themed wedding shoot before their wedding to have pictures displayed at their actual wedding and Erin LOVED that idea! Erin then decided to re-create their look and use those as their engagement pictures.

“It was different, but I am SO glad I went for it because I am in love with these pictures and the look of them.. it was exactly what I wanted! For the dress, since I was trying to re-create as close as possible to the pictures we were doing, my mom decided instead of me trying to find a dress that looked similar (that wasn’t an actual wedding dress, just have lace sleeves and be long and white) she wanted to make one! She made this dress and she did AWESOME! My aunt made the bouquet and the flower crown (and she did amazing as well) and we got a free tux rental for Jacob! Since this dress was made for the shoot (I know that’s a lot of work for a photo shoot, but my mom wanted to do it) I was not planning on wearing it for our actual wedding.. but I loved how it turned out so I might.” – Erin

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