Hannah & Harris | California

August 28, 2021

I always like to ask people how they found me when it comes to picking me as their photographer. I usually hear “social media” or “you did my friends wedding” but when I asked Hannah how she found me her response made my heart so happy. She told me that she found my account yearssss ago after watching Lacey on America’s Next Top Model and following along during our journey when we use to do so many shoots together in Los Angeles. Since then, Hannah has stayed with me and when it was time for her to get engaged she knew she wanted to reach out to me to come shoot her wedding all the way in California.
Hannah and Harris could have literally picked anyone (especially someone more local) to photograph their wedding and I don’t know, I just think things like this are amazing and it means a lot to me. It’s just those things you need to keep you going as an artist.

When figuring out what we wanted to do for Harris and Hannah’s engagement photos, we had this elaborate plan to go somewhere outside of LA and take some awesome shots in a beautiful location. However, I’ve been drawn to more realistic approaches to engagement sessions here lately so I had the thought, “Wait.. why don’t we just walk around Venice?” Honestly, I just want to be the third wheel/fly on the wall documenting two people hanging out and being in love. Plus, don’t you want to be able to look back on your own engagement pictures years later and be able to relate to the two people in the photos? All that being said, I think we got that here. I literally just got to walk around with these two all afternoon and capture them being 100% them and it was so much fun. Their connection is SO amazing on and off camera and I love how this entire experience was soooo chill and nothing was forced. Because of that, it allowed me to really get to know them not only on a creative level but also as friends, which allowed me to get emotions and energy that doesn’t typically come as effortlessly as it did here.

So, sooo excited for their wedding next year in Malibu!