Indigo | Colorado

May 21, 2023

When I first moved to Denver, I was immediately introduced to the coolest nail artist’s page in town, Indigo. Her books were closed for like a year and I was like, “Wow…this girl is obviously the shit,” and from that moment on I just followed along in hopes of one day getting to sit in front of her. I got lost so many nights just scrolling on her feed at some of the coolest nail art I’ve ever seen. However, it wasn’t until we were connected by a mutual friend 2.5 years later about a boudoir session that I finally got to meet her.

Not going to lie.. I was pretty nervous about this shoot. I don’t typically get nervous at all for any shoots anymore but this one had me a little antsy because I wanted to do such a good job and this is someone I had been admiring for years. On our phone call before the shoot, Indigo said to me, “I feel like we could really help each other. You need more black women in your portfolio, you need curvier women in your portfolio, and you need more tatted women in your portfolio.” And she was absolutely right.

I went into this just simply wanting to work together and do something for her because I respected her so much already as an artist. I actually had no expectation of being able to share anything from our session since boudoir is always a private/personal experience but when she actually approved the images for me to share I FREAKED out. Indigo is/was literally my dream client and I just felt relieved that I could share this shoot because I absolutely LOVE what we created together. Her body and confidence is everything and I am HONORED I got to work with someone as amazing as her.