Lacey | Los Angeles

September 3, 2016

My idea for this shoot was to photograph the 6 different types of girls you may find in a retro Los Angeles laundry mat back in the late 60’s/early 70’s era with a modern twist to it. 
I wanted a school girl (yellow shirt), a rich/snobby girl (fur coat), a diva (gold skirt), a badass (overalls), the innocent girl (blue shirt), and the business girl (green suit).
Lacey executed ALL of these looks so well. Each one she gave me a different personality and fit each roll perfectly. I’m always so impressed by her.

I have no idea where I come up with these ideas, but this shoot was SO much fun and I had the best team on it.
We had Vlada Haggerty, who is a celebrity makeup artist and one of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She took time out of her busy schedule to drive across LA and work with us. Seriously, go follow her Instagram. It’s insane. Disney has been showcasing her makeup work and she is known for her unique and incredible lip artwork. I’m in awe by all that she does and to top it all off, she’s one of the cutest humans I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Vlada, for your incredible talent and beautiful personality. Laceys looks + your skills go hand in hand in making some beautiful images.
We also had celebrity stylist, Melissa Barclay, styling this entire set! I met Melissa at New York Fashion Week a couple of years ago and we managed to stay in touch through social media ever since. When I came to Los Angeles I asked her if she’d be on board with this idea and she was! I told her exactly what I wanted and she brought all of my ideas to life and on such short notice. She’s INCREDIBLE. She brought an entire rack of designer clothes that were each SO unique. Seriously, Melissa, if I haven’t said it a million times by now I want to say it one more time… thank you SO much.
And then there’s Lacey Rogers. But you guys already know how I feel about this girl. We work SO hard at each shoot that it’s kind of insane. We will drive halfway across the state, in the middle of the desert, with literally no food, and no incentive to do ANY of this other than to just create. That’s it. We just want to create. She’s always on board with all of my insane ideas and she works so hard. She doesn’t complain and she will not leave the location until we have the shots we need. I love it so much. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to find a model that will do that, too. We will both literally be starving at a shoot and have almost no energy left, but we constantly push each other until we get the shot. That’s teamwork.

So now, here’s the shoot and another one of my out there ideas. I think I spent over 35 hours just narrowing down these photos, editing, narrowing down again, and again, and again, and then editing more, perfecting, and then getting it ready to post. I’m so happy to finally show you all.

model | lacey rogers
makeup artist | vlada haggerty
stylist | melissa barclay

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