lacey | polaroid + film

June 9, 2015

During the year I am booked with seniors, family’s, children, engagements, bridals, weddings, etc. and so I don’t have a lot of time to photograph another type of work that I love, which is fashion and creative shoots.

When I do fashion/creative shoots I always try to bring a lot of cameras to be able to get a bunch of different styles all in one. This helps me with that “creative release” because my film and polaroid cameras just sit and stare at me all day and basically give me the guilt treatment because all I use is my Nikon. I LOVE how these all turned out and the light leak on the 35mm makes my face look like the heart-eyed emoji.

I can’t wait to blog the full set of these that I did with my Nikon! Lacey, thanks for getting weird for me in front of the camera. I cannot wait for all of our shoots in LA!

makeup artist + stylist | Jessica Humerick
clothing | B.Barnett