Lauren & Max | Utah Elopement

January 7, 2021

Even though their original elopement plan was for Iceland- Lauren and Max made a really awesome plan B.
As soon as I flew into Salt Lake City, I made the beautiful drive to Escalante, Utah where they were staying. We all got to hang out that evening- Max made some awesome vegan fajitas for everyone, we had wine, and I got to hear some funny stories exchanged between Lauren and Max and really get to know them.

Being able to sit and observe during the quiet hours of writing their vows and listening to them plan out the small details of the day was something I found really special.

When I asked when Max knew Lauren was the one for him, he told me,

“I will say that I knew I wanted to marry her even before I fell in love with her. I told my cousin about two months into dating and didn’t pop the question for over a year later. It was respect and admiration that convinced me she was going to be my forever partner. Love was just the icing on the cake.”