Madison & Walden | Colorado Elopement

January 3, 2021

I have a lot of goals when it comes to photography that I want to really try to make happen in the next few years. One of the goals that I have is super random in that I want to explore and pursue tour photography. I love the idea of photographing shows but I’m really interested in documenting what goes on during the day to day life on the road with musicians. I think photographing that side of creatives is really fascinating to me.
Another dream I have with photography is getting to the point where every week I’m traveling to another state or country and just photographing elopements or weddings. I feeeeel like I’m getting there and I think COVID put that dream closer to reality this year. So many of my scheduled big weddings were cancelled this year and instead my couples opted to do smaller, more intimate elopements in super cool locations.
Madison and Walden were one of those couples and I’m seriously so thankful that they trusted me to not only document this time in their lives but to also pick the place to do it. I became so much closer with them from this entire experience and it was so awesome photographing their intense connection.

These are some of my favorite images ever.