Megan | Bridals

July 15, 2018

Megan has always been one of my favorite people inside and out. When you meet her, her kindness is almost blinding. She has this energy and happiness about her that you just want to be around and have in your own life…also, she is BEAUTIFUL.
As our friendship grew over the years I got to be around her during monumental things in her life, like her engagement to Will. This girl has been through so much in her life and to see her finally with the person that treats her like the amazing person she is, it’s just wonderful to witness.
As Megan’s wedding festivities came closer I knew I wanted to be apart of it and help in some way so I was so honored I got to photograph her boudoir and bridals! She gives so much life each shot and she’s also so easy to work with. Also, she is always up for anything and has the best attitude out of anyone I know. I was excited to be able to photograph her bridals because I knew it was going to be a different experience and it was going to be for someone who is close to my heart. We photographed these in my backyard, a rose garden, and my new favorite little secret spot here in Arkansas and she did absolutely amazing.

I have been DYING to share these ever since we took them and now I finally can! Her and her husband, Will, got married earlier this week in two intimate ceremonies.. one at their house and the other in Crater Lake National Park! Congrats to you both and I am so excited to watch you grow together throughout the next 100+ years <3

Also, this was my first ever bridal video to do! I am so excited to announce that I now want to offer bridal videos to my clients as another option along with photos to document themselves with their dress! This was SO MUCH FUN to do!!!! I feel like I’m filming a princess and I’ll never get over that.

Model/Bride | Megan Bowers
Bouquet | Magnolia Belle Floral
Hair | Lynlee Wyatt
Makeup | Abby Blevins
Dress | Sally Eagle from