Micayla & Royal | Arkansas Wedding

January 13, 2021

I got to be a fly on the wall for Micayla and Royal’s wedding back in November and I loved every single moment about this day. These two have one of those connections you feel lucky enough to be able to document and experience as a wedding photographer. It was just one of those weddings that you leave and feel like your creative cup is full again.

Along with getting to experience this beautiful love they have, I asked Micayla to tell me more about how they met and she told me they met at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a Wednesday night.
“We were seeing a local DJ at a small show. He tried to dance with me but I was there with my girlfriend Olivia, so I wasn’t interested. We ended up on the patio alone at some point, and I struck up a conversation. We talked about work and waking up early. I told him I didn’t mind it for the sunrises. I showed him photos on my phone of a few sunsets I had seen recently, and he pulled out his phone to show me pictures of sunrises he had recently taken. That Friday night, after he closed the bar he was working at, he picked me up for a midnight hike (I guess more like a 2am hike) and we went to Yellow Rock at Devils Den. We took it easy most of the hike and just talked. We got to the overlook and the sky was incredibly bright. There were night clouds and a strong wind that was sweeping them across our view quickly. We laid there on the overlook, and when I got cold I cuddled up to him. He just held me. When we got home around 4:30am he walked me to the front porch, kissed me, and left.

I knew I wanted to marry him when he showed me how honest and diligent he is. It was a lot of small things over time.
And he says he knew he wanted to marry me when I said I would be okay with riding passenger on a big rig with the dog in order to travel the United States.”