My Boudoir

September 20, 2020

It’s no surprise to anyone how much of an advocate I am for boudoir shoots and every year I try my best to do one of myself. They always come at a weird, transitional time for me so I love looking back on the images and having memories flood back to me while seeing what my body was like during that time, where I was at personally, etc. It may not seem like an important thing to do now… but I really can’t wait to look back on these when I’m 80.

There’s this whole stigma with boudoir, especially here in the South, and I’ve been trying to take as many steps as possible to help change that. As often as I photograph boudoir shoots of other people, I can probably only share maybe 5% of them… which makes it super hard and a slower process to change the whole public opinion of boudoir. Most of the time women do boudoir shoots for their significant others or themselves and they want to keep them private- which is completely understandable. However, because of that, it’s hard for me to share any of my work or share what all goes into a boudoir shoot, what you can expect, posing, etc.
Doing these shoots every year is not only great for me, but it’s also great for people and my clients to see that documenting your body through boudoir doesn’t make you less respectable or reduce your worth. Boudoir can mean extremely feminine, beautiful, empowering, sexy, and soft.

thankful for my best friend, Samantha Halsey, for prancing around my house with my camera and taking these for me. i love u