My own boudoir

January 11, 2019

By now I’m sure it’s no surprise how much I love boudoir. Every photographer has their favorite type of shoot and this is definitely one of mine. But it isn’t just about photography, I love boudoir for a handful of reasons.
I’ve never done a boudoir shoot with someone and them say that they weren’t happy they did it. It’s so nice to get dolled up, feel feminine, feel sexy in your body. It’s you. It’s empowering and you’re getting to document who you are and what your body is like at whatever age you’re at.
I’ve been documenting my body every year or every other year, just whenever I can. I look back on the ones I did even 4 years ago and I’m like, “AD;LKFJ. So glad I did this! Look at how tiny I use to be!” or “WOW I love my hips now” or “Lol I can’t believe I wore that..” It’s just nice to be able to have these to look back on and feel that same feeling I felt while doing them. It really is like no other type of shoot that I do.

Prior to this shoot I almost spent like $300 on lingerie. I wanted to go all out for it like I did a few years back for my first one. And then I was like, “Wait.. no. This isn’t me right now.” And I returned everything I purchased and used everything from my closet. Everything I’m wearing in my photos are items I wear all the time (aside from the fishnets- I use those for festivals haha). But since these are just things I put together last minute, it feels more me.
-Don’t get me wrong. I freaking LOVE lingerie and I love buying it. I will have another moment where I go all out again. But for this one, I wanted to keep it simple.
Also, aside from editing my images like any other image as far as tones and colors go, I tried to only edit out blemishes, bruises, etc. I kept cellulite, I kept my own personal imperfections, I kept all that because it’s on me and it’s who I am. When I was younger I would obsess over getting rid of cellulite because I felt like people would make fun of me for having it. Even up to my mid-twenties, I wouldn’t wear shorts, short dresses, or anything like that because I felt like I should hide it. Now I couldn’t care less. Also I’m old enough now to realize if people are making fun of you for having cellulite that’s incredibly weird. Women shouldn’t have to hide any parts of their bodies and I’m glad I don’t feel that way anymore. I’ve worked hard for years to get to this point by eating healthy, working out, not drinking, not smoking, listening to my body, etc. I’m happy that I can say that I love my body more now than I did when I was 18 and I’m glad that I’m documenting it and sharing.

Also, I want to give a little shout out to my photographer, Michael. I can’t think of a better way to keep this shoot as personal as I can than to have my own boyfriend photograph it for me. He was giving me pose ideas, positive motivation the entire time, happy lil vibes, everything. He killed it. It’s something I’m going to cherish forever.
I love you, Michael. Thank you.