Olya | New York

June 23, 2016

Olya was one of the first models that reached out to me when I posted that I was coming to New York and searching for models to collaborate with. As soon as I saw her portfolio I was blown away. She had such a unique and fresh look that I immediately knew I wanted to work with her.

Prior to the shoot I was hanging out in Central Park with my best friend, Samantha. This was Samantha’s first time ever in New York and she asked me, “I wonder if I will see a celebrity.” And since I have been to New York plenty of times and HAVEN’T SEEN ANY *sigh* I told her, “You won’t.” (Only later to realize that I was wrong).
Olya’s apartment in Manhattan is gorgeous with this amazing vintage vibe to it and I couldn’t believe I was getting to shoot there. About halfway through the shoot Samantha started looking through her vinyl collections and stumbled across The Dresden Dolls. She then started telling us how much she loves that group, how she grew up listening to them, and that she loves so many of their songs. Well to our surprise, Olya then told us that she is married to Brian Viglione, drummer for the Dresden Dolls. And then the freaking out/fan girling began…..for about 30 minutes. THIS WORLD IS SO SMALL.

Olya and Brian are now in a band called Scarlet Sails and they are amazing. Olya’s lyrics are so spot on with how I feel about mostly everything right now and her voice gives me chills. Check them out and become familiar! Definitely worth it.