August 1, 2017

Paige is one of the most talented models I have had the pleasure of working with. With her being signed to such an awesome agency, Wilhelmina, and her amazing modeling background in LA, it’s no wonder she was so easy and fun to work with. When I shoot fashion videos it can get kind of difficult when the model you choose to work with isn’t as comfortable on camera….but with Paige it was a breeze. She didn’t even hesitate or act scared when we pulled out the snakes! She moved constantly and gave me so many different looks that we were able to put together one of my favorite shoots and videos of all time (click the link above to see the video). Not to mention, look at her face!!! How cool of a look is that?! Again, thank you, Paige. You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful people inside and out to work with and I can’t wait for more projects together!

Jessica Humerick, you killed it AGAIN on the makeup and styling! Couldn’t have done this without you! And Scarlet Clothing, your clothing speaks for themselves. Always edgy and always on trend!!! Thank you for always being down to collaborate with us and our crazy ideas!
And another thank you to Patina Pets who came to the shoot with their pet snakes and made this shoot 50x better! Their snakes are SO beautiful! Follow them on Instagram if you’re a snake lover!

Model | Paige Tiziani
Makeup + Styling | Jessica Humerick
Clothing | Scarlet Clothing
Snakes | Patina Pets
Video Editing | Michael Qandah