second shooters

April 20, 2015

When you are booking your favorite wedding photographer you probably don’t think about booking another one, right? Some do! But most brides don’t. And that’s completely understandable considering you’re worried about venue, flowers, dresses, invitations, wedding coordinators, how many chairs, videographers, etc.
I always make sure to remind brides how important and necessary second shooters are and luckily they agree because in reality, second shooters can be one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. For example, the picture below would have never been captured if it wasn’t for my second shooter, Ryan. While I am in the center isle photographing you walking up with your father, most likely in tears or beaming with a smile as you look at your groom, the second shooter is trying to capture your facial expressions as you walk past me so we don’t miss a single moment.

Here are some other quick reasons why you should hire a second shooter:
1) One photographer cannot be in two places at once.
2) We use each other to test lighting.
3) They help with gathering and posing groups.
4) They are a great backup.
5) They capture different perspectives, angles, and use different lenses and equipment.
6) They capture great candid moments of friends and family that may be missed because I am busy following you and your groom around.
7) Having a second photographer will increase your overall number of photos in your gallery.
8) They help when timing is in a crunch. For example- If I need to take photos of you and your groom, the second shooter can be taking pictures of the food and reception before your guests arrive.
9) Less stress!! If I’m less stressed about running around getting every shot (because my second shooter is getting many of them) then I can focus on being creative and capturing images and moments that would be missed if I had to be somewhere else.
10) Two is always better than one.

Even though I HIGHLY recommend second shooters they are not mandatory. A lot of photographers prefer to do weddings without a second shooter and that is totally okay. When I started photographing weddings I would always do them by myself and everything was still captured that needed to be. Your wedding photographer is going to do awesome, regardless of how many photographers are there or not.

This photo was taken yesterday and it is of the brides father looking at the groom and hugging his daughter as he gives her away. Probably one my favorite pictures that I’ve ever seen and such an incredible moment. Thank you, Ryan, for constantly improving at every single wedding. I don’t know how I am going to narrow down all the incredible photos you captured at this one!! It’s going to be so hard.