Todos Santos, Mexico – Travel Campaign

December 13, 2017

Ever since I started getting more serious about photography and traveling a few years ago, I wanted to shoot a travel campaign and I can’t believe that finally happened! What draws me to the concept of travel campaigns is bringing awareness to beautiful places all over the world while getting to collaborate with companies that I believe in and getting to work with some amazing people! I’m so excited to be working with awesome people like Nina Ornstein with The Paradise Story because without them this trip to Todos Santos, Mexico wouldn’t have happened! I’m so excited for all the traveling we have planned for next year and the adventures to come (especially with my girl Lacey)!

We got to explore the beautiful hotel, Hotelito, eat amazing food and explore the city of Todos Santos, run around in the desert and literally climb waterfalls, hang out on the beaches, and release baby turtles in the ocean from a local turtle sanctuary. Todos Santos is definitely a new favorite place to visit and I recommend traveling there whenever you can!

Coordinator + Travel Curator | Nina Ornstein with The Paradise Story
Clothing | VergeGirl
Swimsuits | Swim Like a Mermaid(Use the code “WATERSPIRIT” for 20% off your order + free shipping!)
Model | Lacey Rogers
Hotel | Hotelito